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At Marine Dealerships, we strive to create long term relationships with our clientele in Salt Lake City, which is why we consistently upgrade our service value. We are renowned for retailing and servicing a wide range of used and new boats, while our boat de-winterization service specializes in inspecting your boat's electrical system, engine, fuel lines, and safety gear. As a reliable de-winterizing service provider in Salt Lake City, you can easily hit the water during peak season, thanks to our techs.

Comprehensive Boat De-Winterization Services in Salt Lake City

You can expedite your boat de-winterization services in Salt Lake City by calling or texting us. We'll then determine drop-off and pick-up times, and we'll get straight to work. We perform our checklist of critical steps to make sure your boat is in perfect working order before your next lake day, all for a great price.

What Are Boat De-Winterization Services?

If you had your boat winterized by Marine Dealerships, this details the procedures for making sure your boat is ready to be on the water.

  • Step 1: For most engines, we have re-installed the engine drain plugs and hoses that were removed to drain the water. On some engines (most common are Mercruiser engines with a 1 point drain system) there is a drain plug that is left out and tied to the steering wheel. If this plug is tied to your steering wheel, it needs to be re-installed before running your engine.
  • Step 2: Verify that your batteries are properly connected and that they are fully charged, they will go dead while not in use over the winter
  • Step 3: Verify your engine oil level. Also verify your V-Drive, transmission, trim, power steering and gearcase oil levels as applicable.
  • Step 4: Visually inspect the sides of the engine and exhaust manifolds to check for signs of cracks. If your boat is equipped with a heater or shower, visually inspect them for freeze damage. Before putting your boat in the lake, verify that the boat drain plug or drain plugs are installed. DO NOT SINK YOUR BOAT!
  • Step 5: Connect your boat to water using a hose attachment or take the boat to the lake to run. While running, visually inspect the engine on all sides to check for water leaks. Let the engine run for 10-15 minutes until it has reached operating temperature to verify that it does not overheat You are not required to bring your boat back to us for a dewinterize, however, you must perform these steps before running or launching your boat in any body of water..

Why Hire Professionals in Salt Lake City for Boat De-Winterization Services?

Our de-winterizing services in Salt Lake City are unique - because honesty, integrity, and hard work guide our way. It is essential to hire well trained, skilled specialists to handle the complex processes, specialized equipment to properly de-winterize a powerboat. Without professional help, you may overlook both minor and major issues - or worse - accidentally damage your boat's interior or exterior, leading to expensive repairs. Renowned for our reliability and attention to detail, hiring our service in Salt Lake City can help protect your boat in the long run.

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