Boat Financing in Salt Lake City, UT: Boat Loans & Marine Financing Options

When Marine Dealerships started in Salt Lake City over 40 years ago, the mission was to provide customers with excellent products and services while making them feel like they could really trust their boat dealer. We highly value loyalty and aim to treat our customers like family. Therefore, we do our best to provide financing options and boat loans that work within your budget so that you can play today and pay later.

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Flexible Boat Financing Options in Salt Lake City

Buying a boat outright is not feasible for many people, which is why we offer financing options for budgets of all types. Marine Dealerships can finance through many of the local credit unions around Salt Lake City - and even through national banks. If you fill out our financing application, our team of boat financing professionals can more accurately assess what options we have for you.

New Boat Loans Available in Salt Lake City

If you need a new boat loan, we can help. When you fill out our financing application and speak with one of our qualified financing representatives, we can ensure that we are providing you with the absolute best rates and offers that we can. We will work with your credit union or bank to determine how we can best assist you with your boat buying journey.

Buy With Confidence in Salt Lake City

When you fill out our financing application for a boat loan, we can assure you that we take great care of your personal information. We also want to make sure that you feel comfortable knowing that filling out an application does not obligate you to buy. We are determined to be transparent and helpful so that if you do decide to buy your next boat from us, you have all the information you need to make a confident decision.

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