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About Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats

No matter what's going on in Salt Lake City or around the world, you can always turn to your Sun Tracker pontoon to bring you the adventure you're looking for. Whether you're looking for some quality bonding time with your family or you're hoping to entertain your friends while going fishing, our Sun Tracker boats for sale at our Salt Lake City dealership can satisfy your every need. Choose Marine Dealerships in Salt Lake City for all your Sun Tracker pontoon services for the transparency and honesty you deserve.


Know the History of Your Next Watercraft

In the early 1950s, your average boat was modernized when the idea of a wooden platform was strapped at the top of the watercraft, thus creating what we know today as a Sun Tracker pontoon. Since then, Marine Dealerships in Salt Lake City has seen this boat transform into a durable, high performance boat made of only top quality materials and Lean Sigma principles.


Versatility Like No Other

When you opt for a Sun Tracker boat, you're choosing a watercraft that not only bring you memories but provides you with the space and comfortability to fish, entertain, or carry out any number of water sports. For a watercraft that brings you versatility and excitement, talk to one of our associates in Salt Lake City about our Sun Tracker boats for sale and the services that we can provide for them.

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Safety for the Whole Family

Are you looking for a family boat? Well, look no further than our Sun Tracker pontoon. With a spacious interior and high gates that swing inward to prevent young children from falling, you're gaining peace of mind. You don't have to worry about your grandchildren or young friends falling off the boat. Our safety features can make you feel confident about taking your friends and family on the waters.

Enjoy the Waters With A Superior Boat

The Sun Tracker boats we have for sale at our Salt Lake City dealership have various benefits you'll love. Gain the advantages this one of a kind watercraft has. As an easy to handle boat, everyone can take their turn as the captain making driving out on the waters a blast. The Sun Tracker pontoon has low maintenance costs and increased longevity, usually lasting 20 - 25 percent longer than your typical watercraft. Not to mention the resale value is appealing enough to purchase this beautiful boat from our Salt Lake City dealership. For all your Sun Tracker pontoon services, hand the task over to Marine Dealerships located in Salt Lake City.

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As a proud boat dealer, Fred’s Marine has boats for sale for all preferences. From pontoons to speedboats and everything in between, our selection is designed to appeal to all boaters, regardless of interest or experience level. We also carry ATVs, including Tracker Off Road brand, and products to help you have a blast in the great outdoors. We carry all boating related items. From boats, to parts, to accessories, and even maintenance services, we can provide what you need.

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